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“The MASTIFF which is the largest and most powerful of the indigenous English Dog is of a singularly mild and placid temper seeming to delight in employing its great powers in affording protection to the weak whether they be men or Dogs. It is averse to inflicting an injury upon a smaller animal even when it has been sorely provoked and either looks down upon its puny tormentor with sovereign disdain or inflicts just sufficient punishment to indicate the vast strength which it could employ but which it would not condescend to waste upon so insignificant a foe. Yet with all this nobility of its gentle nature it is a most determined and courageous animal in fight and when defending its master or his property becomes a foe which few opponents would like to face.”—George Wood, 1865

Where are you located?
We have volunteers all over!  But generally we are located in

Northern-Central Illinois/Indiana. We have people in Southern Michigan

as well and we can probably work with people in Southern Wisconsin.  We

work with rescues all over, though, so PLEASE do not hesitate to email us if you are interested in a particular dog or are just curious about how you might adopt a dog from us if you are not in the Illinois/Indiana area.  We will be as flexible as we can, and if we cannot directly help you, we can at least find you resources closer to your area. We WANT to help you so please, let us.

What is the process to become a foster? 
To foster, we’d want you to be nearby, so you must live in the Chicago area or close to it—let’s say within a few hours drive of Chicago.  Again, we can be flexible and we SO need fosters!  So if you live in Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and you want to adopt—let us know!  Send us an email at  We would love to hear from you.

What is the process to adopt?
Fill out an app!  Once you do so, we can get the ball rolling.  You’ll be contacted by a volunteer.  It might not be right away, give us a minute—we’re all doing this in our spare time and sometimes work and life gets in the way.  But rest assured we will be in touch.  We will set up a time to visit your home.  Situations are different for everyone.  We can bring one of our own mastiffs to you so that you can see how big they actually get and how that, in reality, looks in your home.  Many people are not prepared for it and we’d rather you know. We will check your references.  We try to fit our dogs to the people we think they will be most successful living with.  So once you approved, we will talk to you about the dog you requested or expressed an interest in.  If the dog is still in foster care, we can set up a visit so that you can meet the dog.  

Do you have puppies?
We so RARELY have puppies.  Puppies are insanely cute—more often than not, it is not until they become big and less hold-able that people toss them away.  And that is when we usually come in—when they are given up for being too big, untrained, or cost too much to care for.  We are not in the market for helping breeders place their dogs.  In fact, we would much rather you consider one our rescues over a breeder puppy ANY DAY.  Seriously.  Our dogs rock and we will vouch for them.  We occasionally help young dogs (under 1 year) but rarely do we have puppies.

What kind of dogs do you take in?
Our goal is to find homes for English Mastiffs who have been abused, neglected or left behind.  We love all dogs though, and on the rare occasion you may see other breeds or mixed breed dogs on our site.  That is because our heart went out to a dog in need, that no other rescue would take in.  We’re total softies like that.  The dogs we place generally have lived in a foster home for at least 2 weeks—this helps us figure out their temperament and any special needs they might have.  It helps us find good forever homes too—because we can figure out if a particular dog is a good fit for a particular family.

How do I surrender a English Mastiff?
Call us. Email us.  No judgment.  We’re glad you care enough about your dog to reach out and find it a caring home instead of dumping it at a kennel, and we will try everything in our power to help.  We know how hard it is to let go of a beloved member of your family and we will do what we can to console you through the process.  

How much is this gonna cost me?
Good question!  Our adoption fees range between $150 – 500, depending on the age of the dog, and we will let you know once we find the dog for you. In addition, please keep in mind the cost of owning a giant-breed dog.  They require elevated feeding to help prevent bloat.  They typically eat 4-6 cups of good food a day.  But this depends on the food you provide, and the size of your dog.  You should always double check with your vet.  Health conditions that may arise will cost more.  We will spay/neuter your dog before you get them, and give them vaccinations, but be prepared that your heartworm meds (and any other meds for that matter) will cost more as that depends on weight.  Sedating a giant breed dog for any type of surgery is not cheap.  

What’s so great about the English Mastiff?
The English Mastiff is so unique in this mix of gentle protectiveness. Its sheer size and strength is enough to deter almost anything, but when push comes to shove, the mastiff will generally not cause harm unless there is no other option.  But they WILL if need be.  They are loving companions and seek the constant company of their human masters.  They are not the sharpest tools in the shed, but smart enough to learn commands easily—if for no other reason than they are so eager to please.  They will be your shadow, your heart, your love, your companion, your ardent protector.  To the mastiff, that one hour that you were gone to buy groceries is an eternity, and when you get home the joy will be the same as it might be if you had gone out of town for several days.  Pure joy to see you and have you home again.  There is no dog so capable of unconditional love and absolute affection as the English Mastiff.
That said, English Mastiffs are giant breed dogs and require extra attention.  Pet Insurance is recommended to help you with health costs that can arise as your dog ages.